t Jingpo villa

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hing wood or t▓ying knots. Calculation was done by counting beans. The n▓ew system of writing was not widely used, however▓. After 1949, with the help of the government, the Jingpo people have started publishing newspapers, periodicals and books in their own language.HistoryAccording to local l▓egends and historical records, Jingpo ancestors in ancient t▓imes inhabited the southern part of the Xikang-Tibetan Plateau. They gradually migrated south t▓o

ges, which usually consist of tw

o-story bamboo houses hidden in dense forests and bamboo g

the northwestern part of Yunnan, west of the Nujiang Rive▓r. The local people, together with the newly-arrived Jingpos, were called "Xunchuanman," who lived mainly on hunting.During the

roves.The ar

ea abounds ▓in rare woods

and medicinal her

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g cash crops are


tung oil, tea, co


shellac and silk c

Yuan Dynasty (127▓1-1368), the imperial court set up a provincial administr▓ative office in Yunnan, which ha

otton. The a

d the Xunchuan area under its jurisdiction. As production developed,▓ various Jingpo groups gradually merge

rea's main m

d into two big tribal alliances -- Chashan and Lima. T▓hey were headed by hereditary nobles ▓called "shang

ine▓ral res

iron, coppe

rots live in the

region's forests▓.The Jing

uan." Freemen and slaves formed another two classes. Deprived of any personal freedom, the slaves bore the surname of their ma

sters and did forced labor.Du▓ring the early 15th century, the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)

guage system. Until 70 years ago, when an alphabetic system of writing based on Latin letters wa▓s introduced, the
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